Help SERT Rebuild!

SERT could use your help!

Covid shut down two robotic competition seasons, but we are back thanks in large part to our dedicated juniors and seniors. These students kept the faith, and their efforts have been rewarded with an absolute surge of new members this year eager to learn to build a bot.

Now we need to get them the tools and materials to do it. As you can imagine, Covid severely limited our fundraising activities and we are turning to our supporters to help us back on solid footing.

Donations of all sizes are appreciated. We’ll use them to teach members electrical, mechanical, CAD and programming skills, business and communication skills, leadership, and in-the-moment problem solving, all in a hands-on environment.

“More than just robots” in action. We like to say that robotics is about more than just robots. Our members proved the truth of this during the Covid break, using their skills to help our community by 3-D printing and distributing more than 1,000 face shields and other PPE, and by modifying ride-on toy cars that are donated to children with mobility problems.

Thank you for helping us (re)build robotics at South Eugene!

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