SERT: South Eugene Robotics Team

South Eugene Robotics Team

South Robotics Team

STEM education

Find innovative solutions to problems through the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Confidence building

Gain self-confidence and self-reliance through hands-on experience.



Exercise the communications skills necessary for success

Leadership Opportunities

Strong leaders are required to meet the team's challenges.

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Oregon City and Philomath competitions are coming soon!! Are you planning to attend? Keep watching for information about sign-up, travel costs, and attendance requirements.

Meeting - Monday 4 - ??, Rest of week 4 - 6, but be flexible

We hope to receive the chassis and tower on Monday, so plan for a late day rebuilding, if we do go late we have a parent lined up to provide dinner. The rest of the week will be 4-6 or a little pending chassis status. Friday will be 2-6 (or later) since there is no school.

Prototype Status

Wow, We had a great turn out on Sunday for a team video showing the growth from 7 years ago (8 members ) to now with over 30! We got the conveyor motor and gearing installed. We lifted totes and were able to stack a bin on top of 5 totes!! Buck worked with the Business team and we had a great setup for videoing interviews. I learned that winging it trying to video did not work!

Grassroots Garden Volunteering -Saturday 1/31

We will be volunteering at the Grassroots Garden for Food for Lane County. We need a minimum of 8 students to work from 12pm to 3pm. So far we have 6 or 7 students signed up. Volunteering for our community is part of being a SERT team member.

FREX - Food For Lane County Express Kitchen Volunteering - Monday 2/2

We will be working in the Food for Lane County FREX (Food Rescue Express) Kitchen, volunteers repackage rescued food for distribution to pantries and meal sites around Lane County. We will be working from 6pm to 9pm. The coordinators felt it was best to have the experience of the garden close to the repackaging experience.

Future Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking forward to many more volunteering events with NEXT Step Recycling, Habitat For Humanity, and Center for Appropriate Transport. These are all great ways to get connected with our community and help our community become aware of SERT.

Our Sponsors

These are SERT's current sponsors:



Learn more about current sponsorship levels and how you can support our team.

The team

Our club is a wonderful opportunity to learn engineering and programming. South Eugene High School doesn't offer shop, mechanics, or engineering classes, so this team is on of the few opportunities for students to learn these skills. In a country where technology is everywhere, the skills we acquire through the robotics club are invaluable.

South Robotics Team