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Message From Saul

I drove to Philomath today (home of Phred!), it looks like a great venue. I got goose bumps thinking about playing at that event!


Meeting - Friday Dec 19 Break - Happy Holidays! Pre-Kickoff Meeting - Friday Jan 2nd Kickoff - 0'dark:30 (5:30) Saturday Jan 3rd Help during Build Season

We invite our sponsor and parents to stop by anytime, we will be the woodshop for the 6 weeks following Jan 3rd after school and most weekend.
Friday Meeting - Dec 19th 4pm - 6pm
Friday's focus will be on the post-kickoff Robot Design and an outline of the 6 week build season.
We might be ready to give some folks the Wood Shop Sertifcation! Please review the material:

Break - Happy Holidays!

We will be back in the New Year, so enjoy your time off, read to stay up to date! This is a great resource now and during build season!

Pre-Kickoff Meeting - Friday Jan 2nd 4pm - 6pm

We will check back in to do some final planning for Kickoff.

Kickoff - O'dark:30 (5:30) Saturday Morning!

We will drive to Corvallis for kickoff then return and start brainstorming what kind of robot to build!! Plan for all day Saturday until 5 or 6 and then back again on Sunday. All students going to kick off need to have parents sign their permission slip. No slip no kickoff!

Help during build season

As already mentioned by Ruth, we will need help with food, but also in the woodshop, we will be sending out requests to the parents to fill out a spreadsheet to help .
Are you excited yet! Sau!

Good job everyone! Keep up the good work!

Your Friendly Webmaster,

A Message From Our Build Season Food Coordinator

This is from Ruth (Josh's mom):

Hey parents!

The big reveal is coming up on us quickly. Once again I’m in the process of seeking donations from local grocery stores and restaurants to help feed our kids while they work on their bot.

Though every bit helps, I’ve learned that few food related retailers in our area are willing to help - and in only a very limited capacity. If you have a relationship with an owner / manager of any food related establishment feel free to ask if they are willing to donate. And if you’re shy about asking directly, I have a letter I can pass along to you – or just give me the information and I’ll be happy to follow up.

I’d like us to start coordinating and planning meals and snacks to bring to the robotics lab - especially toward the end of the build season. For example, last year we had burritos, baked potatoes, spaghetti, chili (and lots and lots of pizza…). In a few weeks we’ll be pulling together a calendar and asking parents to sign up for a meal or two. I’d like to hear your thoughts for some shared meals… particularly if you have crowd pleasing easy meals!

Please call me at 805-231-6305 or email me at if you have any questions.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Holiday party. It was a HUGE success! Hope to see you all on Wednesday, Friday, and for Kick-off!

--The Mentors and the Web Team

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The team

Our club is a wonderful opportunity to learn engineering and programming. South Eugene High School doesn't offer shop, mechanics, or engineering classes, so this team is on of the few opportunities for students to learn these skills. In a country where technology is everywhere, the skills we acquire through the robotics club are invaluable.

South Robotics Team