2017 (BunnyBots) - Alluminati



2017 - Phantom


Phantom is our robot designed to play the 2017 game, FIRST Steamworks. It is capable of carrying gears to the airships, shooting fuel into the high boiler, and climbing the rope in the last thirty seconds of the game.

2016 - Gary Spice


Gary Spice, our robot from FIRST Stronghold, was originally a high-shooter but was modified to a low goal scorer during competition season. This robot was our first time using treads, which was an interesting and educational experience for our team.

2015 - Nessie


Nessie, from 2015’s Recycle Rush, was made from recycled parts and lead the team to World Championships for the first time in our team’s history. This robot’s rotating belt with 3D printed hooks picked up and stacked both totes and bins. Nessie won us both the Creativity and the Engineering Inspiration Awards at regional levels.

2014 - Byter


Byter, from 2014’s Aerial Assist was able to quickly score balls in the low goal and sometimes even catch. The consistency of this robot took us to District Champtionships and remains a favorite for community demonstrations due to its sturdiness and interactive possibilities.

2013 - Excaliber


Excaliber, from FIRST’s disc-golf styled game Ultimate Ascent, was an incredibly reliable robot that functioned as a shooter via flywheel.