2020 - Millennium Carwash


Millennium Carwash, known affectionately as “Millie,” was a promising robot for the Infinite Recharge game before the COVID-19 shut down. Thanks to Millie’s impressive climb and consistent low-goal scoring, SERT finished its only competition as captains of the 7th seeded alliance.

2019 - Chimera


Chimera was SERT’s robot for the 2019 FRC game, “Destination: Deep Space.” Its “pass-through” elevator allowed for rapid scoring of Cargo while its set of polycarbonate claws facilitated the efficient retrieval and placement of Hatch Panels. Equipped with 4 extendable steel legs, Chimera was able to execute a methodical climb sequence that won us a regional Autonomous Award. Its 3 cameras helped drivers align to field elements and allowed for a robust vision processing system that could align the robot for optimal accuracy.

2018 (BunnyBots) - Frog


Frog was SERT’s robot for the 2018 BunnyBots game, “Box ‘Em Up.” A thunderous presence on the playing field, it could drop up to three bunnies and both pick up and sort racketballs before depositing them into crates. A crowbar-like hook attached to its side also allowed Frog to tip over crates filled by the opposing alliance. Finally, a LIDAR-asssited autonomous sequence could fill an entire line of crates to earn a massive amount of points. Frog took our team to the Finals at competition.

2018 - POE


POE was SERT’s competition robot for the 2018 FRC game, “Power Up.” Its lift allowed it to place cubes on both the Switch and Scale while raising up to hook onto a bar and climb during the Endgame. Additionally, its use of vision processing allowed it to deliver two Power Cubes during the autonomous period. POE took SERT to our second World Championships where we served as captain of the 3rd-seeded Alliance.

2017 (BunnyBots) - Alluminati


Alluminati was SERT’s robot for the 2017 BunnyBots game, “Hide and Seek.” This robot worked to extract stuffed bunnies from five gallon buckets and push them to one side of the field. Since SERT gained many new members in 2017, the robot was used to train them by allowing them to work on an actual competition robot. This was SERT’s first robot to compete at BunnyBots.

2017 - Phantom


Phantom was SERT’s robot for the 2017 FRC game, “Steamworks.” It was capable of carrying Gears to the airships, shooting Fuel into the high boiler, and climbing the rope in the last thirty seconds of the game.

2016 - Gary Spice


Gary Spice was SERT’s robot for the 2016 FRC game, “Stronghold.” Originally a high-shooter, this robot was later modified to be a low goal scorer during the competition season. This year was also our first time using treads, which was an interesting and educational experience for our team.

2015 - Nessie


Nessie was SERT’s competition robot for the 2015 FRC game, “Recycle Rush.” Made with recycled parts, Nessie lead the team to qualifying for the World Championships – the first time in SERT’s history. Towering over the field, this robot’s rotating belt with 3D printed hooks picked up and stacked totes and bins. Nessie won us both the Creativity and the Engineering Inspiration Awards at regional levels.

2014 - Byter


Byter was SERT’s competition robot for the 2014 FRC game, “Aerial Assist.” It was able to quickly score yoga balls in the low goal and sometimes even catch. The consistency of this robot took us to District Champtionships and remains a favorite for community demonstrations due to its sturdiness and interactive possibilities.

2013 - Excaliber


Excaliber was SERT’s competition robot for the 2013 FRC game, “Ultimate Ascent.” In this disc-golf styled game, Excaliber was incredibly reliable and shot frisbees into goals using a fly-wheel shooter.


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