City Synth

City Synth is a collaboration with groups like Harmonic Laboratory and XS Media to turn the streets of Eugene into a musical instrument, with tracks for users to “mix”. This project was funded by a Mozilla grant after Eugene was chosen as one of five Mozilla Gigabit cities in the U.S. Members of our software subteam wrote code to transmit video of different streets in Eugene from Raspberry Pis with cameras on them to a centralized computer and the electrical subteam helped test video streaming solutions. The project was featured as the first stop on Eugene’s monthly First Friday Artwalk and will become an exhibit at the Eugene Science Center.

Find out more about City Synth here

Go Baby Go

In partnership with Oregon Health and Science University, we participate and contribute to the Go Baby Go! initiative to modify toy ride-on trucks into alternative transportation for children with limited mobility. We have added on to designed a 3D-printable joystick for the “trucks” such that children that use them can gently accelerate, instead of using a button that goes from no movement to full speed immediately. Our joystick design gives children hours of fun therapy and makes transportation easier.

Find out more about Go Baby Go here

Supporting Women in STEM

In addition to our strong female student leadership (75% of all captains/leads are female), our team makes a number of efforts to support and promote women in STEM. We recently taught an 8 week long class at Ophelia’s Place in CAD, an organization that supports girls in the community. Moreover, during the summer, we taught one week of full-day programming classes. We’ve also donated four desktop computers to them, for educational use.

Our team also attends events to encourage girls on our team to network with female professionals, such as the Oregon State University Women in Engineering Dinner, as well as the Women In Science and Engineering Symposium.

To encourage girls in our community to explore STEM and FIRST, we run demonstrations at Ophelia’s Place’s Girls Rule! event, as well as at SPICE camp, a girls’ science camp at the University of Oregon.

You can check out Ophelia’s Place here

Upcoming Events

We will be teaching a workshop at FIRST Fair, an event which brings together FRC robotics teams from all over Oregon.

Software tools

SERT has built many tools over the years to make various tasks faster and easier, all of which are open-source. Here are just a few of them:

  1. 🤖 Robot Scouter is a simple yet powerful Android scouting app with customizable scouting templates and advanced spreadsheet exporting for painless data analysis.
  2. The 🕑 Attendance Client is a cross-platform desktop app built with Firebase and React to make keeping track of team members’ hours a piece of cake.
  3. Vision processing code for single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi or for the roboRIO.

Past Demonstrations

SERT maintains its longstanding partnerships with the community by frequently participating in events that raise awareness of FIRST and STEM values. For the past three summers, we have participated in the Mini Maker Faire at the Science Factory, our local children’s science museum, where more than 50 kids of all ages drove our Aerial Assist robot, Byter, and learned about FIRST. After that, our team set up a popular hands-on exhibit for three days at the well-attended Lane County Fair and gave community members the opportunity to drive our robots, an annual SERT event. At the Oregon State Fair, we participated in a FIRST exhibit with our robot and taught children and parents from around the state about FIRST and the opportunities available to FIRST teams.

Additionally, our team was invited to the Second Star Festival in Florence, Oregon where we gave TED-style talks and demonstrated a previous season’s robot design. In November, our team participated in the Barnes & Noble Maker Faire and taught many children about robotics, a continuing event. We demonstrated our Aerial Assist robot, Byter, at Kids Down South Preschool on February 1st. On February 24th, we demonstrated the same robot and presented about our team at the Emerald Valley Assisted Living Center.