The McKenzie River Gathering of Robots (MRGR)

Hosted by the South Eugene Robotics Team, LaneSTEM, and UO Computer Science Department

Saturday, November 10, 2018

University of Oregon


What is MRGR?

MRGR is a gathering of Oregon robotics teams for an exciting day of networking, education, technology, knowledge transfer and general robot fun.

Presenters and teams from all over the state will share knowledge and techniques via workshops, robot demonstrations, and academic/technical posters. Ample opportunity is provided to move from the exciting demonstration arena to quiet poster exhibit and conference areas, ensuring time and space for networking and in-depth discussion.

Why Gather the Robots?

Student Enrichment CTE: Robotics teams develop more than science, technology, engineering and math skills. They cultivate creativity. They enhance communication and leadership skills. They foster diversity and inclusion. They strengthen planning, grant writing, presentation, and budgeting skills. Team members experience the power of teamwork. They develop outreach and community service skills.

In short, robotics prepares students for next-gen careers in tech and other industries.

Industry and Community Advantage: Oregon has the fastest growing tech sector in the nation. Sustaining that growth will mean filling newly created jobs with skilled workers, preferably skilled Oregonian workers. Research shows that robotics team involvement is unparalleled in building skills that connect career to classroom, but many Lane County schools do not offer a program. Events like MRGR will help inspire expanded educational opportunities that will spur a new generation of skilled workers, cementing our communityís reputation as a tech industry destinationóand encouraging additional investment.

Schedule of Events

  • Workshop sessions, all day… Sign up here!
  • Posters on display, 10am to 5pm
  • Q&A session with poster authors, 3pm to 4pm
  • Robots and other demonstrations, 10am to 5pm
  • Light drinks and snacks available throughout the event

Interested in Attending?

Register online!

If you’re interested in attending sessions, sign up here!

Where is MRGR?

Ford Alumni Center
University of Oregon
1720 E 13th Ave, Eugene, Oregon 97403

Free Parking

Please note: there is a Women’s Basketball Game that day in the Matthew Knight Arena. The Parking Garage next to Ford Alumni will not be available…please use other lots.

Interested in Presenting?

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