Anastasia Kaurova - Co-Captain


Anastasia is an SEHS senior and SERT Co-Captain. They are a former electrical lead who found their passion in working on the small, delicate parts of the robot. The rare times they’re not at robotics, they like to play DnD and sail on Fern Ridge.

Luke Dassonville - Co-Captain & CAD


Luke is an SEHS senior, SERT Co-Captain and CAD subteam lead. He loves the problem solving aspect of design and working with other subteams to ensure everyone is happy with the final product. He got into robotics upon learning about involute curves and how they relate to gears. When not at robotics, he might be playing around with pneumatics, cooking or playing Puyo Puyo.

Felix Carriere - Mechanical


Felix is an SEHS senior and SERT’s mechanical lead. He was introduced to robotics through a team at his elementary school and continued with various other teams down the line. He enjoys probem solving and coming up with impressive mechanism designs.

Kai Turner - Software


Kai is an SEHS junior and the SERT software lead. He enjoys programming, mathematics, science and ensuring that all of the robot’s components work together properly.

Josh Diem - Business & Safety


Josh is an SEHS junior and the leader of SERT’s business and safety teams. He enjoys spending an inordinate amount of time on presentations and briefings to teach people about SERT and its policies. Outside of robotics, he can be found playing strategy games for 12 house on end and obsessively refreshing news feeds.

Spencer Moffitt - Electrical


Spencer is an SEHS senior and the SERT electrical subteam lead. She loves designing the electrical board and routing wires. When not at robotics, she DMs for a group of fellow nerds in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Felix Halaska - Strategy


Felix is an SEHS junior and the SERT strategy lead. He enjoys dabbling with data and making sure that all members of the team become involved in the robot design process. Felix is also a member of the mechanical subteam and takes great joy in making the robot design a reality. Outside of robotics, he can be found playing music, working on projects of his own, and playing the newest board games.



The mechanical subteam is responsible for the design and fabrication of the robot. During the first few days of build season, mechanical designs and creates CAD models and prototypes of proposed mechanisms of the robot. After different mechanisms have been tested and eliminated, mechanical designs a CAD model and builds a test model of the robot. After the test robot has been tested and altered, a final robot is built.


The software subteam writes code for the robot with goals to create as many autonomous functions as effectively as possible. It’s always trying to pioneer the next evolution in FRC robot programming. Currently, the software subteam is living on the bleeding edge by using the programming language Kotlin with IntelliJ and Gradle. In addition to its other responsibilities, the software subteam is also responsible for making the driver station as effectual and comprehendible as possible for the Drive Team.


The business subteam is responsible for updating the website, writing grants and award submissions, acquiring sponsors, planning outreach events, creating marketing material to recruit new team members and mentors, and maintaining an active social media presence.


The electrical subteam creates a control system for the robot. By wiring electronics and creating a control system, software is able to operate the robot.


The strategy subteam works to ensure quality robot analysis, thorough testing, and successful matches. This includes creating and guiding the team through a process to design the best robot our team can build for this year’s game, testing the prototype and the robot in thorough and exciting ways, working on match-strategy, and organizing scouting.


The safety subteam is dedicated to making FIRST and SERT a safer and better place for all. It is responsible for enforcing safe practices, educating team members and the public about safety, and managing a safe environment for all. At SERT, safety always comes FIRST!