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Sander Moffitt - Co-Captain


Sander Moffitt is a senior and co-captain of South Eugene Robotics Team. This is her fourth year on SERT. She fell in love with robotics at the age of eight after building a LEGO robot named “BALL-E” that shot foam balls at her cat whenever it went near her bedroom. She has since evolved to leading robot design discussions and running match strategy. Outside of robotics, Sander enjoys editing her novel, painting, and coming up with creative ways to torment her little sister.

Greta Keyes - Co-Captain


Greta is a senior and a co-captain of SERT. She joined the team her freshman year, making this her fourth season. She loves cheering as loud as she can at competitions and organizing the team during Build Season. Outreach events and teaching are her favorite parts of being on SERT, as she loves introducing new people to the fun that is robotics. In her free time, Greta enjoys writing stories, baking, and gardening.

Matthew Pickerell - Mechanical


Matthew Pickerell is a Junior and the mechanical lead of the South Eugene Robotics Team. Matthew is passionate about technology and robotics. With the use of CAD and 3D printing, he has built and produced more than five stop motion animation short films and is currently working on another. Matthew enjoys working and having discussions with others, and enjoys troubleshooting, problem solving, and the thrill of FRC competitions. When Matthew is not at robotics or doing homework, he is usually working on a CAD model or robotics experiments of his own!

Aidan Heller - Software


Aidan is a senior and the software lead at SERT. He enjoys programming the robot and (hopefully) not crashing it into walls. Aside from the robot, he also enjoys building games and apps. Aidan is always eager to get ahold of the newest software, and enjoys getting access to beta trials, whether it’s a new version of a programming language or an operating system. Outside of programming and robotics, Aidan likes to play video games, play the piano, and draw.

James McKeon - Business


James McKeon is a junior and the business lead of the South Eugene Robotics Team. He joined the team freshman year and loved the business team immediately. James loves helping the team raise money and spreading the word about robotics. In his free time outside robotics, James enjoys reading, practicing circus, and helping out clubs around South Eugene High School.

Anastasia Kaurova - Electrical


Anastasia is a sophomore and the electrical lead. She has found a passion in working on the small and delicate aspects of the robot, all while sitting inside it. If recruited by mechanical, her joy in using loud power tools is only tempered by being in unfamiliar territory. When given her freedom from the foundry, Anastasia enjoys sailing, baking treats, and watching Marvel.

Keegan Gilds - Co-Strategy


Keegan is a senior and co-strategy lead with William on the South Eugene Robotics Team. During robotics he can often be found cleaning, doing menial tasks mediocrely, or scouting in the stands at competitions. Outside of robotics he’s probably grinding piano, doing chemistry homework, or dreaming about doing chemistry homework (literally). He’s also always ready to see a play.

William Hou - Co-Strategy


William is a senior and co-strategy lead with Keegan on the South Eugene Robotics Team. He loves watching robots at competitions and analyzing data collected at competition to help the team gain a competitive advantage and play at our best. When he’s not strategizing, William also likes to dabble with robot code, edit videos, and help out with outreach projects. Outside of school and robotics, William enjoys biking, hanging out with his friends, playing online games, and trying not to burn down the kitchen while he’s trying out new recipes.

Ben Weber - Co-Safety


Ben Weber is a senior and a co-lead of the safety team. Ben has been involved with FIRST since FIRST Lego League. On SERT, Ben only cares about one thing, and one thing only: the safety for everyone around. Outside of robotics, Ben is on that grind playing water polo and French Horn. In his free time, Ben is busy reading, watching Netflix, and chilling with friends.

Mustafa Aljabery - Co-Safety


Mustafa Aljabery is a senior and a co-lead of the safety sub-team. He has an absolute passion for safety and loves reading and remembering protocols that are related to safety. Mustafa enjoys biking, working on projects, and hanging out with close friends and family.



The mechanical subteam is responsible for the design and fabrication of the robot. During the first few days of build season, mechanical designs and creates CAD models and prototypes of proposed mechanisms of the robot. After different mechanisms have been tested and eliminated, mechanical designs a CAD model and builds a test model of the robot. After the test robot has been tested and altered, a final robot is built.


The software subteam writes code for the robot with goals to create as many autonomous functions as effectively as possible. It’s always trying to pioneer the next evolution in FRC robot programming. Currently, the software subteam is living on the bleeding edge by using the programming language Kotlin with IntelliJ and Gradle. In addition to its other responsibilities, the software subteam is also responsible for making the driver station as effectual and comprehendible as possible for the Drive Team.


The business subteam is responsible for updating the website, writing grants and award submissions, acquiring sponsors, planning outreach events, creating marketing material to recruit new team members and mentors, and maintaining an active social media presence.


The electrical subteam creates a control system for the robot. By wiring electronics and creating a control system, software is able to operate the robot.


The strategy subteam works to ensure quality robot analysis, thorough testing, and successful matches. This includes creating and guiding the team through a process to design the best robot our team can build for this year’s game, testing the prototype and the robot in thorough and exciting ways, working on match-strategy, and organizing scouting.


The safety subteam is dedicated to making FIRST and SERT a safer and better place for all. It is responsible for enforcing safe practices, educating team members and the public about safety, and managing a safe environment for all. At SERT, safety always comes FIRST!