Alex Chamberlin - Co-captain


Senior Alex Chamberlin is the Co-Captain at South Eugene Robotics Team. He’s been fully involved with the team for 3 years. Alex’s freshman year was spent learning a limited amount about a broad array of subjects until he shadowed Anthony (the resident expert in all things mechanical). Notably he was the human player for the drive team that when to world’s. Sophomore year largely consisted of work in the mechanical subteam as well as contributions to the scouting and drive team. At the end of Sophomore year Alex had taken on the job of 3d printing guru and been elected Strategy subteam lead. As Strategy lead he built the Strategy subteam from scratch and oversaw the creation of a top notch scouting app. In addition he coordinated the updating of the team handbook, contributed to the mechanical team and coached drive team. When Alex isn’t doing robotics (which is like never) he enjoys sailing, soccer and cooking.

Alyssa Gao - Co-captain


Senior Alyssa Gao is the business subteam co-lead at South Eugene Robotics Team. She has been on the team for three years, and has contributed to many projects. She has been the project lead for the Chairman’s Award submission every year, which is the most prestigious award for any FIRST team. In addition, she was the scouting subteam lead, a sponsor presenter, and a main contributor to the drive train and bumper projects in her sophomore year, as well as a writer and presenter for the Entrepreneurship Award, which SERT won for the first time that year. This year, Alyssa has continued her work at SERT as a business team lead, teaching a CAD class at Ophelia’s Place, presenting Chairman’s, and organizing outreach activities. Outside of robotics, she also enjoys playing violin, writing for the school newspaper, and planning events in South’s Student Government.

Palmer Campbell-Kaswell - Mechanical


Palmer is a senior and mechanical subteam lead for two years running at South Eugene Robotics Team. He has been a member since freshman year, and has worked both in CAD and mechanical subteams. He loves puns, teaching the younger members of his subteam and everything to do with robots. When he’s not leading the mechanical subteam he loves to build things in his garage, solve challenging physics problems and hang out with his friends.

Alex Saveau - Software


Alex is a passionate FRC robot programmer and Android developer who enjoys building automation features for the robot and open-source libraries or apps to help both rookie and veteran teams.

He loves participating in alpha and beta tests to experience the bleeding edge of unreleased software and play with something new.

When he isn’t slowly losing his eyesight in front of a computer screen, he likes to go on hikes and camping or bikepacking trips out in nature to find fresh air.

Tiffany Huang - Business


Junior Tiffany Huang is the business subteam lead at South Eugene Robotics Team. Tiffany joined the team during her sophomore year, and is always willing to help out new members and keep everyone else in line. When she’s not helping the business team get everything done on time, Tiffany enjoys dancing ballet, debating, playing piano, working with student government, and leading South’s Asian Student Union.

Benjamin Phelps - Strategy


Junior Benjamin Phelps is the strategy lead at South Eugene Robotics Team. He has been on the team for three years, and is a part of the Mechanical and CAD subteams. He has also helped to organize the Go-Baby-Go outreach project at SERT. When Benjamin is not at robotics or doing homework, he is usually working on a CAD model, thinking about strategy, building robots at home, or reading science fiction.

Greta Keyes - Electrical





The mechanical subteam is responsible for the design and fabrication of the robot. During the first few days of build season, mechanical designs and creates CAD models and prototypes of proposed mechanisms of the robot. After different mechanisms have been tested and eliminated, mechanical designs a CAD model and builds a test model of the robot. After the test robot has been tested and altered, a final robot is built.


The software subteam writes code for the robot with goals to create as many autonomous functions as effectively as possible. It’s always trying to pioneer the next evolution in FRC robot programming—currently, the software subteam is living on the bleeding edge by using the programming language Kotlin with IntelliJ and Gradle. In addition to its other responsibilities, the software subteam is also responsible for making the driver station as effectual and comprehendible as possible for the Drive Team.


The business subteam is responsible for updating the website, writing grants and award submissions, acquiring sponsors, planning outreach events, creating marketing material to recruit new team members and mentors, and maintaining an active social media presence.


The electrical subteam creates a control system for the robot. By wiring electronics and creating a control system, software is able to operate the robot.


The strategy subteam works to ensure quality robot analysis, thorough testing, and successful matches. This includes creating and guiding the team through a process to design the best robot our team can build for this year’s game, testing the prototype and the robot in thorough and exciting ways, working on match-strategy, and organizing scouting.