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SERT Smash

What is SERT Smash?

SERT Smash is a hackathon hosted by the South Eugene Robotics Team located in Eugene, Oregon, open to all high-school students. There will be a surprise challenge and awards for the winners.

The openening presentation with extra info is located here.

Who’s invited?

All high-school students are invited to participate in SERT Smash. No FRC or robotics experience is required, but it’s a great opportunity for software teams to practice coding and working together.

How will it work?

At 9:00 AM on May 20th, 2017, the challenge will be announced and teams will begin working on their entry. Teams may consist of up to 5 students. Throughout the day, they’ll continue to code.

Here’s the full itinerary:

8:00 am: Doors open
8:30 am: Opening ceremonies
9:00 am: Contest begins!
7:00 pm: Contest closes, presentations begin
7:15 pm: Judges deliberate
7:30 pm: Winners announced
8:00 pm: Cleanup

At the end of the day, teams will create a pull request to the SERT Smash GitHub repository to enter their code, which will be released under the MIT license. After teams present their projects, judges will deliberate and announce a winner.

Where is it located?

SERT Smash will be located in Eugene, Oregon at South Eugene High School. Directions can be found below:

How do I sign up?

Fill out our survey to let us know you’re coming. Also, laptops will not be provided, so please bring your own. See you there!


Direct all questions and inquiries to [email protected]. We’ll get back to you shortly.